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What type of fraternity is Delta Sigma Pi?

  • Delta Sigma Pi is an International Business Fraternity. The Fraternity is part of the Professional Fraternity Association.

Is Delta Sigma Pi strictly business-orientated?

  • While we pride ourselves on being one of the biggest Professional Fraternities worldwide, we also thoroughly encourage brotherhood bonding through social activities. You are guaranteed to make lifelong friendships in Delta Sigma Pi!

Do I have to go to every recruitment event?

  • It is not mandatory to show up to every event, but we encourage you to be at as many as you can!

Does Delta Sigma Pi haze?

  • Delta Sigma Pi opposes hazing in all forms and does not tolerate any activity that could be considered as such. Delta Sigma Pi strictly enforces its hazing ban.

How can Delta Sigma Pi be a “co-ed fraternity”?

  • From “Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed fraternity (in fact, we were the nation's first co-ed business fraternity!) in the sense that we’re an inclusive organization sharing ideals and objectives and functioning as part of the Professional Fraternity Association. We call all of our members 'brothers' in an inclusive sense, to emphasize our unity and equality.”

If I join Delta Sigma Pi, can I join a social fraternity or sorority too?

  • Yes. We have many members in the Zeta Theta chapter of Delta Sigma Pi that are members of social fraternities and sororities, as well as other campus organizations. However, Delta Sigma Pi’s bylaws prohibit membership in conflicting Professional Fraternity Organizations including AΚΨ, ΦΓΝ, and ΦΧθ. However, the only other Professional Fraternity Organization at WKU is AΚΨ.

Will Delta Sigma Pi help me get a job?

  • We prepare you for everything we can to help you excel in the business world. Training events, conferences, and networking will undoubtedly give you more confidence when it comes time to find a career. In fact, we have several alumni who love to recruit graduating Deltasigs.

Does membership in Delta Sigma Pi end after graduation?

  • Your membership in Delta Sigma Pi is for life (without any additional charges, fees, or requirements). The Fraternity is your lifelong resource. We always welcome members of Delta Sigma Pi to participate in alumni chapters, national leadership events, and supporting the Fraternity through volunteering, philanthropy, and sharing your expertise with the international network of Delta Sigma Pi members.

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