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The International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance on November 7, 1907. Our chapter of Delta Sigma Pi at Western Kentucky University, Zeta Theta, was founded in 1964. We currently have 24 collegiate members and hundreds of alumni members. Together as a co-ed fraternity, we focus on becoming the best versions of ourselves by focusing on important values for business students: ethics, service and philanthropy, diversity and ethics, leadership skills, and social skills. Delta Sigma Pi provides countless opportunities for growth including LEAD schools and conferences, networking opportunities, fraternity events to interact with alumni that can offer advice and mentoring, and professional events to meet business leaders in the community. Being in Delta Sigma Pi gives members opportunities to make friends with similar goals and surround themselves with people sharing the same aim for success.

As puts it, "We are known as the foremost business fraternity because we equip our members throughout their lives to achieve maximum impact in their studies, careers, communities, civic involvement, and personal relationships."

At the national level, the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation is a charitable giving establishment that provides scholarships for undergraduate and graduate members. Learn more about the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation here.

Social opportunities within our organization allow our members to make valuable lifelong friendships. As a diverse professional fraternity we further our professional, personal, and social growth by learning from each other and appreciating each other's similarities and differences. At Delta Sigma Pi, we value having an inclusive and encouraging environment.

For more information about the fraternity at a national level, visit

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One of the biggest benefits of joining Delta Sigma Pi is always having a network of brothers to lean on and learn from. Being a member of Delta Sigma Pi means creating lifelong friendships from our diverse brotherhood, learning from each other's strengths, and sharing opportunities that can help you obtain valuable experience. 

Several faculty members of the Gordon Ford College of Business have also been initiated into Delta Sigma Pi, giving you a better connection with your instructors. When you tell people you are a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, you are identifying yourself as a driven person with high moral character, a strong work ethic, and a desire to learn and experience new things. The Gordon Ford College of Business' faculty members have great respect for students furthering their professional, personal, and social skills through Delta Sigma Pi, and they realize that your values and goals set you apart from the average undergraduate college student.

Delta Sigma Pi is not just for your college years - it is for life. As an alumni member, you share the same perks and benefits that college students have within the fraternity. Delta Sigma Pi's network of alumni often shares with each other job opportunities, career advice, and tips for reaching both your short-term and long-term goals. Over 305,000 people have become initiated members of Delta Sigma Pi, with approximately 12,000 collegiate members. 

Our collegiate members in Zeta Theta at WKU are also involved in several other campus organizations. Many of our brothers participate in social Greek fraternities and sororities, honor societies, community service organizations, religious organizations, and work with other major campus groups and events such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's collegiate-level fundraising organization, Dance Big Red, Honors Toppers and Spirit Masters, academic clubs, and campus representative groups such as Housing and Residence Life or serve as college ambassadors. Several of our brothers have studied abroad, hold on-campus and/or off-campus jobs, and enjoy playing collegiate-level or intramural sports.

About Us: About Us
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